Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bad Animals Joel Yanofsky a father's accidental education in autism, Books and Breakfast, Montreal 2011

I attended the Books and Breakfast in Montreal after returning from  the Toronto's One of a Kind Show.  Sitting at the table is Cynthia, Joel and family members.  Joel read from his new book, "Bad Animals a father`s accidental education in autism".   This book has touched me to the core I refuse to read the last pages just yet as I just can't let the book go.  By not finishing the last few pages I get to keep this remarkable family close and rethink my understanding of autism.   I am grateful  for the friendship Cynthia , Joel and Jonah  have so generously given me. They have inspired me greatly.
The journey  through autism is not for the faint of heart  we can only glimpse at the what parents go through and experience on a daily bases, I am a mere mortal in comparison.  Joel with great artfulness  has opened the portal to these experiences with depth and grace. Cynthia's presence is felt deeply  throughout, her kindness and remarkable strength.
  My son Reuben picked up the book shortly after I came back to St. John's and read it in one week.  He simply loved this book as unequivocally as he loves Joel,Cynthia,and Jonah.

Bad Animals is  a book for everyone.   Bad Animals is a map to the heart  of courage,  through  furious self introspection, doubt,humour, forgiveness, hard work and love.  I will have to say that this is one of the best books I have ever read.
Well, I have at last finished the book. Sadly.   I am reminded that humour does not fall from this family tree as is evident from from the concluding pages. I am cheered to distraction,Thanks guys....  


  1. I am happy I met you earlier today at coffee. I will take your advice here and look for a copy of this book.
    Your blog is a nice display of your work. Thanks

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